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We do it all—from tree removal to trimming and treatment, stump grinding, and debris hauling. With our team of experienced professionals, you can trust that your trees will be in good hands.

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Tree Removal Services

We’ve removed many different types of trees, including ash, oak, pine, and more. We also offer stump removal service if you’d like to get rid of all traces of the tree once it’s been taken down. With our years of experience, we know what it takes to care for your trees and keep them healthy. You can rely on us!

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Tree Trimming Services

We are committed to providing our clients with the best tree-trimming services possible. That is why we have earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable tree-trimming companies in Ankeny, IA. We work hard to ensure that each job is done right and completed on time. You can count on us to respond quickly when you need help!

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Tree Treatment

It is our mission to help you keep your trees healthy and strong. We do this by providing tree treatment services that are scientifically proven to strengthen trees and prevent them from becoming diseased. We take great pride in our work and always treat our customers with respect and professionalism.

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Stump Grinding Services

We have a team of experienced stump grinders who are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service at an affordable price. We have many years of experience working with all types of trees and will provide you with an honest assessment and recommendations regarding your tree care needs.

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Debris Hauling Services

Our goal is simple: We want to make sure you feel confident knowing that your yard waste, tree debris, or storm cleanup needs are being handled by professionals who care about their work as much as they do yours! If you’re looking for a reliable hauling service that will get rid of all your unsightly junk without breaking the bank, look no further than ArborPro Tree Service!

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Comprehensive Tree Services in Ankeny, IA

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Welcome to ArborPro Tree Service, LLC! We offer tree services in Ankeny, IA, and the greater Des Moines area. We can help you with tree removal, tree trimming, tree treatment, stump grinding, and debris hauling. We have been in business since 2011. With our years of experience and commitment to excellence, we can guarantee that your trees will be cared for by professionals who know the proper way to handle each situation. We understand that every case is different, so we’ll work with you to find an option that fits your budget and needs perfectly!

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Here Are Some Of Iowa’s Common Tree Diseases

Looking for information on Iowa’s most common tree diseases? Look no further. Here’s a breakdown of the most prevalent fungal diseases affecting the state’s trees:

  • Dutch Elm Disease: Elm trees are highly susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease, a fungal infection caused by Ophiostoma ulmi and spread by bark beetles. Symptoms include wilting and yellowing of leaves, and if left untreated, it can lead to the death of the tree.
  • Oak Wilt: Another common fungal disease in Iowa, Oak Wilt affects oak trees and is caused by Ceratocystis fagacearum. The disease spreads through beetles or root grafts between trees and results in wilting and browning of leaves. Without proper treatment, the tree may eventually die.
  • Apple Scab: If you’re growing apple trees in Iowa, it’s essential to be aware of Apple Scab. This fungal disease, caused by Venturia inaequalis, manifests as dark spots on leaves and fruit. Over time, the tree may experience defoliation and reduced fruit production.
  • Pine Wilt: Pine Wilt is caused by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, a nematode that spreads through beetles and can cause wilting, yellowing, and browning of needles in pine trees. If left untreated, Pine Wilt can ultimately result in the tree’s demise.
  • Anthracnose: Finally, Anthracnose is a common fungal disease that can affect several species of trees in Iowa, including oak, maple, and sycamore. It is caused by various species of fungi and can lead to leaf spots, twig dieback, and cankers.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Services

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our professional team is ready to provide immediate assistance 24/7. For rapid response and reliable tree removal services, contact ArborPro Tree Service through our dedicated emergency line

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We know your trees are important to you—they help keep your property beautiful and healthy, they provide shade and coolness on hot days, they help absorb stormwater runoff, and they can even make your home more valuable! But if left unattended, your trees can become dangerous to your home or even present fire hazards. That’s why we’re here: our team of experts will safely remove dead or dying trees from your property with minimal disruption to you as homeowners. We also offer services for treating your trees if you want them to stay around for years to come!
We believe that by doing things right the first time around—and by treating our customers with respect and compassion—we’ll create beautiful relationships with them. Call us now if you need tree services in Ankeny, IA, and the greater Des Moines area!

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